In case you missed it: I’ve taken some steps forward and published my own website: If you like my content here, please check out my official website where I have been posting content similar to the ones here as well as other endeavours I have been working on. I hope to see you there! […]

(Well, hello. Blank page, it’s been about forty-five minutes since I last saw you.) I had more than enough ideas for this last night as I was staring at my Google Calendar for the week. But whether it’s the weird heaviness on my eyes* from the persistent sleep troubles or something else, the fact of […]

That quirky lady in black goes here at 9:30 every morning. She sits at the table beside the window where she waves to black crows (who knows where they come from?) gleefully hopping at the other side of the glass. By 9:37 AM, she’d walk up to the counter and place her order. The wooden […]

A pair of bluish translucent glass carefully moves sideways towards opposite ends to uncover a dilly-dallying of unknowns. A car stops abruptly in front and a rushing lady with a phone to her ear takes several steps forward. She crosses to an island right smack in the middle of the bustling cityscape that doesn’t quite […]

Making my own sketchbook has always been in my to-do list. I was finally able to accomplish it last year. It took 30 pieces of 200gsm watercolour paper, three days, and lots of glue–I originally planned to sew it, but it was too tedious, so maybe next time. The sketchbook was made for a three-month […]

It has been so long that I don’t remember when I last opened this blog to write. Life went haywire: I found myself deep under piles of tasks, responsibilities, and varieties of stress. Β I was exhausted and overwhelmed and the usual short-term remedies of weekends, coffee, or planning/organising days could no longer work. A lifestyle […]

…so that those who dwell at the ends of the earth are in awe at your signs. You make the going out of the morning and the evening to shout for joy. (Psalm 65:8) God called the light “day,” and the darkness he called “night.” And there was evening, and there was morning–the first day. […]

THERE’S A DETOX PROGRAM you have to do right now. No, it’s not on fruits, or vegetables, or juice. It’s good for your health, but you don’t have to diet. What you do have to do is to close your computers… after you read this. I had been MIA for a while. I made a […]

Last March 14, Xavier School Nuvali held a Lenten prayer concert right after its regular 5PM Saturday mass. The prayer concert, entitled “Find Stillness in Me,” featured the inspirational vocal ensemble Hangad. The School glee club, Xavier New Voices, did the opening performances. Hangad means desire in Filipino. It is a group of friends, young […]

“So, how’s summer so far?” my friend asked me just before day one of summer ends. I tried not to message her a list of everything I did (“OMG! I was super productive like I did this, studied that, made a ton of plans, then slept for the rest of the day. You know what, […]